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Snazaroo face paint 

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Face paint kits

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18ml snazaroo face paint

18ml snazaroo face paint

SNAZAROO individual face paint we have over 45 colours to choose from including metallic. The 18ml paints will easily paint over 100 full faces . If you are doing smaller cheek art face painting designs you can multiply that number by twenty or thirty. Snazaroo are one of the leading brands on the market.All the face paints are water based.

 Special offer in store - buy 10 paint for £30.00


 face paint kits

Face paint kits and theme sets are ideal for events, parties and beginners.

face paint kits
Glitters and gels

Face Glitters and Gels

Glitter gels and powders give a lovely glittery effect they can be used with face paint or alone.

These glitter gels come in 12ml pots and are all priced at £3.00 including VAT.


Colour and glitter Hair sprays


All sprays wash out.

Hair sprays
Make up and special effects
Make up and special effects

 Blood, scars, lipstick, liquid latex, tooth black and much more .

Our super glowing neon body paint formula is available in 12 colours containing a high UV pigment content, unlike other paints on the market.

Special in store offer - Buy 4 for £10

UV face and body paint. Glows under ultra violet lights.

Paint glow UV body paint
Paint glow glow in the Dark body paint

This product is totally different from UV paints. Simply charge the paint with a bright light source and then go into a dark room and the paint glows on its own without the need for a UV light. This is a 3 in 1 paint which glows in the dark, glows under UV light and is a neon face paint.

Spcial instore offer - Buy 4 for £10.00


Professional wash out hair product that creates temporary colour spikes and effects in your hair. This product is designed to give a firm colour spiking effect or volume hold.

when applied this gives temporary neon colours in the daylight and when exposed to UV light your hair will explode into intense glowing colours.

Special in store offer - Buy 4 for £10

UV neon hair gel
UV Lipstick

Thes stunning UV reactive lipsticks have a smooth and creamy texture, are easy to apply and lasts for hours, they are available in 6 vibriant UV colours that glow brilliantly under UV light.


Embrace you dark side with these new vamp me up lipsticks! With deep vampy colours and a smooth rich texture they will give you a dark intense finish.

Vamp me up Lipstick

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