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Unicorn Wig

Fancy dress Accessories

Accessories for 60's, 70's and 80's, gangster, western, cops and robber and animals, to compliment your fancy dress costume. Huge range of gloves, hoisery, shades and glasses, eyelashes, moustaches, weapons and wings and tutus.


Costume accessories for the 1950's including glasses, wigs, neck scarfs, skinny ties, and kits.

1950's fancy dress accessories, glasses, scarfs, wigs, rock and roll.


60's and 70's  costume accessories

Large range of hippy, groovy and disco  fancy dress costume accessories including bling and punk jewellery, glasses, eyelashes, shoes and boots and hats.

Sixties and seventies costume accessories
Eighties accessories

Eighties fancy dress accessories


Gangster and charleston Fancy Dress Accessories

Gangster and Flapper


A great range of wigs, hats,eye patches and accessories to get you in the pirate mood.


Cleopatra, roman and greek accessories

Roman and Egyptian
The wild west

The wild west

A great range of cowboy and indian dress up accessories


Party Animal accessories

Mouse, dog, cat, pig, lamb, wolf, tiger, lion, gorilla.

Party animals
Other Accessories

General fancy dress accessories

Cops and Robbers

Police dress up accessories

Cops and Robbers
Specs and Shades

Specs and Shades


Clown accessories

Clown bow ties, face paint, red noses, hats, squirt flowers, socks and shoes.


Long elbow gloves, fishnet gloves,fingerless gloves and short gloves.


Feather boas

Feather boas
Moustaches and Beards

Moustaches and Beards

Massive range of moustaches, side burns and beards, self adhesive for easy use.


Billy Bob Teeth and  vampire teeth

Billy Bob Teeth are super realistic teeth made with the same acrylics used in making dentures.

Designed by a dentist.

One size fits all adults. HOW? Our teeth are held in place with putty you install yourself for a custom fit. This allows you to talk and fool anyone.

Teeth, ears and body parts
Tights and stockings

Tights and stockings

Weapons and swords

Weapons and guns
Wings, tutus and halos

Wings, tutus and halos

Fairy and angel wings, wands and halos, neon petticoats and tutus.




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