Organic Arch

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Autumnal themed arch made for an October Wedding, beautiful colour scheme with eucalyptus green, sand and deep orange.

Traditionally, balloon decor (arches, columns, garland) has been created using balloons in a uniform way; for example, the same size and type of balloon put together in a structured way. Organic decor is quite the opposite, using a mix of balloon sizes and types, built together in clusters to create beautiful displays.

This style of balloon decor is becoming increasingly popular and you can see why. It can be used in so many ways –  as a feature next to cake tables or photo props, garland for table decor or to create stand alone arches and columns. 

The cost of your organic decor will vary considerably, depending on the size of the decor, the types of balloons used and the location. Please contact us with more information and we can provide a quote.

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